Institute Facilities
Our Institute is equipped with all important facilities to ensure smooth provision of education to our students

These facilities are Well furnished classrooms,domitories,equipped laboratories,library with all necessary books to fit Tanzanian curriculum,School bus and first aid health service.

One of the Institute Workshops
Institute Library
In our Institute we have Mechanics labaratories.

The college labaratories contains all facilities including Apparatii, facilitators and lab technnicians with more experiences on field practical.

Our library have full equipped books with enough curriculum and other refference books.

Students are advised to go in the library for extra studies by reading different books rather than those they do use in their classes (refference books).

Institute Discussion place

Institute Computer room
Facilities to enable the students discuss academics, Other concrete table-seats are in construction to improve and suport teaching and learning.

The Institute computer room (To be upgraded soon).


Facilities used by trainees to make disicusion during the off time hours