The Institute Library

Institute Library
The library is the heart of the institute and is an integral part of the institute mission which revolves around teaching, research and consultancy.

Since the institute library has obtained a membership facility from the TLSB (Tanzania library service board ) and TLA (Tanzania library association)it serves like a link to Tabora and Morogoro regional libraries respectively. It is a special library which serves the needs of the Tanzania Institute of rail Technology constituted of two campuses namely Tabora and Morogoro.

The first offers mostly none technical and few technical courses under different departments and the latter offers technical courses under the department of mechanical courses.

The courses offered at Tabora main campus are:
-Basic Technician Certificate in Rail Transportation -Technician Certificate in Transportation -Ordinary Diploma in Rail Transportation(To be accredited soon)
-Carriage and Wagon Technology
-Signal and Telecommunication engineering Technology
-Rail Track Technology

The courses offered at Morogoro wing are
-Locomotive driving
-Locomotive engineering in diesel electrical
-Basic Technician certificate in Locomotive Engineering (diesel mechanical)
-Technician certificate in Locomotive Engineering (diesel mechanica) -Ordinary Diploma in Engineering Locomotive(Diesel Mechanical)(to be accredited soon)
-Basic Technician certificate in Locomotive Engineering (diesel electrical)
-Technician certificate in Locomotive Engineering (diesel electrical) -Ordinary Diploma in Engineering Locomotive(Diesel electrical)(to be accredited soon)

Our Libraries enough to handle 50 and 48 students at a time Tabora main campus and Morogoro wing respectively.

A Institute Book Store
The Institute book store is responsible for storing different textbooks and other refference books where by department and subject teachers used to borrow. This store is not used by students since they use students Library.