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TIRTEC facilitators during graduation ceremony held at TRITEC Morogoro wing after Completion of special pedagogical course conducted by Morogoro Teachers College (TTC) for the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) on 20th March, 2015.
The guest of honor was Eng. Elias Alphonce Mshana for TRL Managing Director.
Eng. Mshana is the Institute Chairman Board of Governor, a NACTE registered Technical Educator and TRL Deputy Managing Director (services).

The Ceremony photos.

Underlisted are (11) eleven facilitators who successfully attended the special pedagogical course, where   Eng. Felix Mutashobya bellow left side the Ag. Principal TIRTEC was the course coordinator

1. Mrs Anna Mshana
2. Mr. Peter Mtei
3. Mr. Hennry G. Luganga
4. Mr. Emmanuel Duttu
5. Mr. Gerald Kilenga
6. Mr. Tadei Uhwelo
7. Mr. Innocent Hunja
8. Mr. John Chacha
9. Mr. Deo Bandebe
10. Mr. Ansent Kalumbu
11. Mr. Mathias Msafiri

Ag. Principal and other seminar participants attending lecture in Permanent way technology at Beijing Jiaotong University China

EMU Manufacture at QiagDao China