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Tanzania Institute of Rail Technology


TIRTEC is embedded as one of support department in the Tanzania railway limited. Its programmes are focused towards producing competent graduates with requisite capabilities to manage station accounts and accidents, perform administrative duties, manage trains operations, carryout inspection of operating and commercial activities and communicate railway operating information.

  • Introduction:

    Detailed herein, are the procedures that the Tanzania Institute of Rail Technology applies on all matters related to Examinations and awards.
    The aim being to inform all the teaching members of staff and students to observe standing Examination rules and regulations pertaining to Examinations conducted by the Institute and their subsequent awards.

    Eligibility for Examination:

    No candidate shall be admitted to any Examination in any subject if the respective Head of Department is not satisfied that the candidate has completed at least 75% of the attendance or otherwise fulfills the requirements absenteeism.
    The Head of the respective Department shall propose appropriate action to the Institute Examination Committee.

    Types of Examinations: All trainees at Tanzania Institute of Rail Technology are supposed to sit for Institute Examinations which are of two types namely fortnightly and final examination whose pass mark should be at least 65%.

    Continuous Assessment: These are fortnightly test for the short and medium courses and monthly tests for the long courses. Their marks are cumulative and they form a proportion of 40% of the total Examination marks for the trainee assessment. They enable the Institute to assess the trainability of a student and are administered in the following manner.

    (a) Fortnightly Tests: These are taken by trainees who attend the short and medium courses at two weekly intervals from the commencement date of the course. They enable the Institute to assess the trainability of the students.

    (i)Short Courses Pursuers: Fit for fortnightly test and have to pass at least one of the first three tests. If they fail all the three their training is discontinued.

    (ii) Any trainee who fails the first two fortnightly tests is served with a written warning cautioning him/her poor performance and told explicitly that should he/she fail in the following Examination he/she will have his/ her training discontinued. Should such a trainee fail the third fortnightly test he/she gets discontinued.

    (iii) Any trainee who passes one of the first three fortnightly tests but happens to fail three of the first four test he/she is also warned on the impending danger of not being allowed to supplement should he/she fail final Examination.

    (b) Medium Course Pursuers:

    Sit for fortnightly test and have to pass at least two of the first tests to prove their trainability and be able to pursue their courses to the end.

    If a trainee fails in the first two tests he/she is cautioned and if he/she fails the test subsequent to his/her being warned his/she training is discontinued, likewise, if the trainee happens to pass his/her first test but fails in the second and third test he/she also gets continued and discontinued in the event of failing the forth test.

    A trainee will also be continued if he/she performs in such a manner as not to be discontinued at the third or fourth test but fails three times consecutively after this observation time.