Institute Life
Life at TIRTEC is about more than just the classroom. It is about a richness of opportunity, the development of the individual and the fulfilling of potential. Students are best placed to take advantage of all the opportunities available to them while hopefully, balanced and full of confidence. This is why a friendly, secure and supportive campus environment plays such an important part in their development.
Religion Programs
Spiritual Activities in the Institute
  • School masses for all students on Fridays and Sundays that they are going to their respective religions.
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Sports and games

At TIRTEC,students are encouraged to participate in football,netball,basketball,volleyball and so on. Also we have inter-Institute competition which is normally done at certain seasons.

Sports helps improving students health as well as friendship among them within the institute and other schools.

Students involving in the church and Mosque

Students celebrate sports and games
Health Services
Our institute has a small dispensary run by the Chief medical officer and their assistance nurses. More cases are referred to dispensary being run by TRL Company nearly Tabora station within the boundary of an institute.For most serious cases students(sick persons) are referred to Kitete refferal hospital or Private health centre.